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A sample of the Heavy Metal Code Book.

Symbol = Meaning = Latin Word Actions

..A   ============= aid-assist-help = juvo

..B ======== battle-compete-fight = pugna

..C  ======= change substitute-alter  = muto

..D   = doing-incident-happening = incidentia

..E   ================= eat-refuel = edo

..F   =========== finish-complete = cludo

..G   ======= govern-steer-direct = guberno

..H   ========= hear-listen-listen to= audire

..I   ======= improve-make better = melioro

..J    ===== join-put together-unite = committo

..K   =========== keep-to have-had = habeo

..L   = labor-working-perform task  = laboris   

..M  ============ make-create = aedifico


How to use the HMC

To use the HMC, first find the meaning or word you would like to use.

Then, use the HMC symbol or Latin word that represents the meaning in your code.

Example: I like Heavy Metal Music.

(I*L!+X+!:M   or   I-amo-brutusmetallum-musica

The =(equal sign) after a code symbol defines that code symbol.

Also, it can be used as code for these words; is, are, am, means, to, from, at, of or equal to.

Example: My guitar is red.

 (I:]G =^R           or      I-cithara=roseus

Example: My family just came from the airport.

 (I(!F.@T=\P:A        or      


Example: Go to the studio.
.!G=\A..M  or  vado=locusmusica-aedifico


A sample of the book

7 Motivating Stories of Rev. Jon Micheals 

The Closing Door

On a warm summer night, a mother holds her newly born child in a hospital just outside a large town.  As she looks down upon her child, she says, "You are a beautiful baby and I know you will do beautiful things."  As she finishes her sentiment, an unseen wind travels
through the hospital hall and closes the door to her room.  Intensely staring at the closed door, she says nothing as her mind ponders what just took place. For the closing of the door was not a fast motion, like a gust of wind, but a slow push as though someone from the outside shut the door gently. She looks back to the child only to say, "Maybe someone's watching over you". Years pass, now the young child is five years old and shows great interest in building blocks.  The mother looks down upon the child and says, "You need to be an architect. You build such wonderful things". The child smiling looks up at the mother holding a few building blocks, but then returns back to the project at hand. At the age of seven, this child's world came apart.  Both parents separated in a bad divorce, leaving him and his newborn sister in a desperate way with their lone mother and hard times.  Yes, these hard times even reach this young child. New building blocks and books were out of the question, but still the child remained smiling and showed his love for his family. At 12 years old, his duties of watching his sister and maintaining the house left him little time to explore his passion of architecture, however his passion would never die. Then at 16, his mother grew ill and his opportunity to take night classes on architecture was thwarted.  He had to find work to help his mother get through her tough time.  Knowing those classes could have helped him when entering college in a few

years, he pushed away the memories of his building blocks and focused on his family. Even with his father not a part of this young child’s life, he still grew into a strong man. He became the man of the family and with that all the responsibilities of being the man of the family came to follow. With every passing year, his dream of being an architect and building wonderful things grew dim.  He became involved with the local market and soon worked his way up into management, all the while trying to plan for his day of going to college.  But, soon his sister became of age and she enrolled into college. Again his dream of being an architect had to be put away.  But, his passion for building things remained deep in his heart and he spoke of it to many people, young and old.  More years passed by and soon he had a family of his own and they all knew their father as the man who dreamt of building things, wonderful things.  As more years passed, he accepted the fact that he would never reach his dream of building wonderful things, beautiful things.  Although it did not make him happy, he accepted it and accepted what he had to do in his life. Then one day, his mother lying in her bed taking her last breath spoke to him before she passed, "I always knew you were a beautiful baby and would do beautiful things." As she passed, something grew inside him, a feeling he never had before.  It was as if something inside him was not complete, something was missing. He realized his dream was also his mother's dream, the dream for him to be a great builder of wonderful things, beautiful things. In this time of mourning his heart grew sad, then more than sad, then it grew into a rage.  This rage burned inside him growing stronger and stronger. He began to hate his life and all the decisions that he made. Always thinking he let his mother down.  His family realized that he was in very troubling times and there was nothing they could do, nothing but try to support him. With each passing day, he was slowly descending into a pit of depression, a place he never knew before.  His family grew concerned when at dinnertime, he would not allow grace to be said.  He was going into the darkest part of his life, a place where he was losing control.

One day while walking to the bank to make deposits for the local market, he saw some children playing in the street as they sometimes do.  But, it was this day he was drawn to the young children so much that he walked closer and almost into the street.  He had such a strange feeling take over him, a strange helpless feeling. Then from the corner of his eye, he saw a speeding car traveling straight down the street where the children
were playing.  He shouted, "Get out of the street! You kids, get out of the street!" No one could hear him. So he ran as fast as he could and at the last minute he pushed the children out of the way.  Yes, he saved the children, but he did not save himself for the car had struck him straight on. He lay in the street as people began to gather, his body not moving.  His vision slowly went away, only to be replaced by a blinding white light, a great white light and a feeling of being in a great presence.  Also, another presence came to his heart, a presence he knew, his mother.  He then realized that he had passed on.  He began to cry, telling his mother how sorry he was that he had not fulfilled her dreams, the dreams she held close for him.  How he felt he should have done more, but the doors in life kept closing and he could never open them. Then a voice came from the blinding white light, "My son do not look back in time with anger or discontent. You only see the closed doors in your life and not the doors you opened.  Even when you are in a room filled of closed doors, there had to have been one open door. How else could you have entered the room?  Then, a vision appeared before him.  It then began to play images of people's lives that he had touched.  The voice from the bright light said, "Look at this young girl that you influenced.  Yes, she listened to your ravings about building great things and she went on to school and then on to life, to build great things.  She created medical devices that have saved many lives.  And what about this poor boy that you bored with your speeches of design and architecture, he too went on in life to build bridges for people to travel and buildings in which they can seek shelter. Must I go on?  You see my son, you are the one in charge of the doors in your life. Just because a door closed doesn't mean it can't be opened and that one should run away from it.  One cannot open the door in life without first reaching out for its lock and unlocking it."  Then time fast-forwarded a few weeks in a few seconds. This man was sitting in the chair in his bedroom of his house with his young child on his lap. Torn and scarred, his body feels weak but his heart and soul is strong, knowing he has been given another chance.  He then speaks to the child, “You are beautiful child and I'll bet you'll create beautiful things."

The door is a useful device helping you keep in the good or keep out the bad when locked. Opening the door becomes a soul-searching proposition, when is the right time and how far should it be opened.  No one person can stay in one room forever. One grows and becomes enlightened with each passing day and opens the door to get to another room, another passage another place or time.  Why would one place a door in the wall that cannot be opened?  Has this closed locked door just become an extension of the wall? Yes, my friends if you see a door in your life, it must mean there is an entrance to something beyond.  It might not be able to be opened now, but it would not be there if it was not to be opened sometime in your life.


A sample of the book

7 Case File Stories of Rev. Jon Micheals

Rev. Jon Micheal's Beginning

   Who is Rev. Jon Micheals

These stories are the case files of Rev. Jon Micheals. They are the bone chilling situations of the Rev. Jon Micheals battling with evil.

Let us first take a look at Rev. Jon Micheals and the events that changed his life.The events that put him on a path of hunting down all that is evil, protecting the good and saving the innocent from the clutches of evil.

The Rev. grew up in a family of trade people and if it could be built, fabricated or repaired this family could of do it, but those skills did not come easy. You could say that the work ethic of his family was more than average. Hard work was just part of their nature and if you weren't sweating or dirty you just were not working hard. And for the Rev., he had no problem fulfilling the following of his family's footsteps. In fact he progressed even faster than his other relatives and in time he was on his way to making his own way with his own family. From an outsider it looked like the Rev. was living the American dream with a good job, a great house and a loving family, but this is where it all went wrong.

No one can really pin down what had happened to turn him towards the spiritual realms of this world. It could've been the back injury which he accrued while helping his brother at work, which eventually cost him his job and put him in to the bottle. Or maybe it was when his wife left him, taking his only son, because she couldn’t deal with him in his present condition. Whatever the case, his American dream was fading away and fading away fast like a nightmare in the dark of the night. The possible final blow was when his father died. His father was his moral compass and now without him the Rev. was spinning out of control headed straight for the ground. Adding more to his pain was the fact that his very own family began to grow away from him, leaving him all alone drowning in his sorrow.  Even in this confused state, he missed his son the most, wondering if he was okay, if he was safe. As time went on, the loss of his son soon became the biggest scar on his heart. With all that going on, it was this time in his life when he began to curse God as he reached his limit. He could not believe that God would forsake him, just let him go to fall in the lower pits of hell.

Then one night while walking across a railroad bridge the Rev. fell to the powers of the evil one by becoming intoxicated with pain pills and liquor. The Rev. was so lost out of his mind that he passed out and fell off the bridge 15 to 20 feet below onto the muddy shore of the river. It is here where all that he knew changed, and this could be that event that changed his life. He does not recall whether he died or not, but he remembers being in front of a man all dressed in black with a white collar that was glowing with such a bright light he could not stand to look at it. As he stood up the man put his hand on his shoulder and said, “It is not GOD that has forsaken you my son, it is Satan who has deceived you and made you believe that GOD has walked away from you. Oh if you only knew the truth of the matter, for GOD has chosen you. It is your misfortune that guides you towards him. You have a calling my son and a very strange and difficult calling. One that will lead you into the darkest realms of this world, but remember this, you will always have the power of the Almighty One watching over you. You have been chosen my son, because of who you are and who you will become. When you awake you will know what you have to do. It will be etched into your soul as though it was there deep inside you all the time." The Rev. awoke from his vision-like state and found he was lying on the muddy banks of the river. The first thing he noticed was his sharp back pain was gone. As he opened his eyes, they grew wider and whiter, emitting a bright white light. He could feel strength coming into his body and into his mind and soul. It was just like the man in his vision had said and he now knew what he had to do.

As the Rev. settled into his new life he still didn't know exactly what he was to do, but he knew the path he was to follow. He found himself as one of the ministers of a church in a rural area. It was a town that he knew, but was far enough away from his old home that he wouldn't be reminded of the pain he felt when it came to his family. He was also the carpenter, plumber, electrician and handyman for any other job that needed to be done. This was okay with the other ministers and associates who worked for the church, for the Rev. could fix just about anything. That job was perfect for him. Somehow they just knew the Rev. would be doing a lot of traveling.

In the following months which led to years, he studied all there was to know of the evil one while working at the church. In time he was ready for the battle of his life, a journey that in his wildest imagination he would not believe. That day came, the day he was working so hard for had arrived, for when he awoke from his sleep he noticed on his bed stand a cell phone, credit card and a letter addressed to him. He picked up the cell phone that was all black and when he turned it on the screen was also black with no visible icons showing. The credit card was also black with gold letters and numbers at the bottom. The name read Rev. Jon Micheals. He then opened and read the letter, which was written in old style script, and it said…

These tools are to be used only when called to action. Keep this communication device with you always and use this card only when you're about to deal with the evil of the world. You will only be called when extreme evil is present.

At the bottom of the note in bold text it read:

May God Be with You…


One of Rev. Jon Micheal's Case File Stories

   Biker of Darkness

There was a little diner and truck stop alongside a busy two-lane highway, Route 6, out in the Midwest. This diner sat alongside a few other buildings that supply the services and supplies to the travelers of this busy two-lane highway. On some nights, especially on a Friday, the diner became more of a nightclub with beers passing over the bar and the pool tables would be busy. It was a hot spot for mostly locals that worked around the diner, but during the week all of the tables would be empty and the beers would remain cold in their coolers. It could get very slow sometimes. Working there was a waitress named Katherine, everyone called her Katy. She was a very attractive redhead beauty with piercing green eyes. She could usually get her way with whatever she wanted to do or be with whomever she wanted to be with. Sometimes this made her appear to be a bad girl, but deep inside she was a good person and worked very hard to keep her father, who was housebound due to a disabling affliction. She could have a way better life if she wanted. There was always one of the patrons of the diner wanting to marry her and sweep her off her feet, but she could never break the bond she had with her father. He had raised her since she was a child and that was a big job. Her mother left her at a very young age. The only other man in her life was Jack, the owner of the diner, who sometimes acted as her surrogate father. Although most times she did not need any guidance, Jack was always there to make sure she was riding on the straight and narrow.

It was a cool evening at the diner and the wind was rustling outside, making a lot of noise as it blew against the diner. Suddenly the wind stopped blowing and the night grew silent. Not even a car could be heard driving along the road. In the distance, the sound of a motorcycle could be heard roaring up the road. As it got louder, it was evident that the bike was pulling into the diner. As the bike’s motor turned off, the sound of the wind began again. The noise grew louder as the doors of the diner swung open and the cold air rushed in, shocking and chilling the bones of the few patrons inside. A tall dark haired, goatee wearing man with a strong build walked in wearing a leather vest with no patches. His jeans and boots showed signs of wear, but uncannily they were very clean for someone who just rode in on a bike. As everyone stood back, still reeling from the cold air, Katy was the first to talk to him. "What can we do for you? Are you looking for something to eat or do you need a cold beer?" she asked. The man looked at her intensely then said, "I'm really just looking for someone, but I sure could use something to eat." Katy took him to a booth back behind the pool tables. As the night went on Katy went back and forth between the other customers of the diner and this man. In between, she spent the time she was not serving someone with this man that no one knew. Katy soon found herself intrigued by this man and closing time drew near for the diner.

At the end of the night even Jack made a comment to her. He told her to be careful, because none of them had ever seen this man before. He could be dangerous for her. This man seemed to have a luring attractiveness to Katy and Jack could see the Katy wasn't being herself.

Time went on as a few weeks passed by and all Katy could talk about was this new man in her life. All could see she was becoming blinded by this man's charm. Jack was hesitant, but thought maybe this was a good thing for her. A few more weeks passed by and Jack started to notice things were coming up missing. At first he just thought it was his memory playing tricks with him, but as more time passed by he noticed that it was becoming larger things in the diner that were missing.
Finally, when he saw money missing from the cash register he started to question his people. All of them were surprised and taken back by it. What was really strange was that Katy was not acting surprised, but acted more defensive than the others. She even had some choice words to say to Jack for him even thinking that she could be responsible for the missing money and blamed his lack of memory causing all these things to happen. Jack was stunned with Katy's reaction, but he had been around a block or two and he knew that it is usually the guilty ones that make the most noise. So, he was determined to find out what was going on and this meant paying a little bit more attention to Katy.

One morning while Jack was getting the diner ready to open and talking to one of his other waitresses, he saw some disturbing stories in the newspaper. They were stories about a few convenience stores within driving distance of the diner being robbed. Bill, the man who owned and ran the truck repair shop, came in for his morning breakfast a little earlier than usual. When Jack asked him about being so early for breakfast, Bill told him that he was up all night trying to get his place back together because someone had broken in and robbed him. He said that they took some cash he had in a small iron chest behind the counter. What really worried him was that someone stole all the keys to the trucks he was working on in his shop and some spare keys he had in the small iron chest.

Jack then walked away from Bill letting him finish his breakfast and sat down in his back office. He sat there thinking that something is going on. As the afternoon and lunch crowd began to roll in, he noticed that Katy was not around. This troubled him so he called her and she answered the phone. She told him that she wasn't feeling well and she would be in this afternoon. He thought nothing of it since she hardly ever calls in sick, but on the third day of her calling in sick, he knew something was up. That night, just after 10:30 p.m., he drove to Katy's house. She lived not more than 11 miles from the diner on dirt road, a few miles off the main road.

As Jack drove up the dirt road, he was shocked at what he saw. It looked like 30 or 40 motorcycles parked all around Katy's house. This was not like Katy to have all these people hanging around her house, especially the condition her father was in. Jack was a little on edge, but his concern for Katy kept him moving towards the house. Soon, Jack found himself standing on the front porch, knocking on the door. Jack became very uneasy and was surprised after the second knock, he saw five guys come in around the back of him and looking at him as though he was a threat. Jack knocked harder and started to yell out Katy's name. Just as he thought it would be time for him to leave, the door swung open and there stood Katy. Jack could see she was not herself. She looked as if she was either on some kind of drug or in some type of hypnotic trance. She definitely was not herself. She hardly said anything as she left the door open and walked back into the house. Jack followed her and kept calling her name, but she did not answer. As Jack got further into the living room, he saw the man that Katy became interested in that night at the diner, sitting on a lounge chair. Jack walked over to him and asked him what he was doing and what he's done to this family. The man answered in a very demanding tone, "What do you want old man? Can't you see I'm busy?” Jack replied, "What have you done to Katy... and what have you done with her father?" The man replied, "I don't think it's any of your business what goes on here. In fact, you can get in your old truck and drive your butt right out of here." Jack rushed the man and shouted knocking over a few of the beers that were sitting on the end of the table next to the man, "You can't do this to these people. These are good people you need to get out of here before I call the cops."

Then five or six men wearing all black leather with no patches grabbed Jack and held him. The man got up from the lounge chair and walked over to where the men were holding Jack and said, "It's going to take a lot more than your local PD to get us out of here. You see were not from around here. We come from a place... well let's just say a place that just isn't so bright and cheerful." Then all the people, about 20 or 30 men and women filling the house all began to laugh. Jack could see even Katy was laughing. Jack then shouted as they were taking him out the door, "Katy where is your father? What about your father Katy? Think about your father Katy, Katy!" Then the man shouted back, "Her daddy has taken a long trip and won't be back for a long, long time." All of the people in the house began to laugh again. Then, the men holding Jack took him outside. They shoved him into his truck and told him to leave. Jack was furious and drove as fast as he could to the diner where he got on the phone and called the local PD. As soon as the local sheriff got to the diner, they both jumped in their vehicles and rushed out to Katy's house. As they got up the dirt road a few miles, Jack was surprised and amazed at what he saw. There was not a motorcycle in sight and the yard looked just like somebody cut the grass and raked the leaves. It was an uncannily peaceful night. Still, Jack and the sheriff walked up to the door and knocked very loudly. Within moments Katy opened the door wearing her pajamas and a robe. With the redness around her nose and eyes, she appeared as though she was very sick. The sheriff then asked, "Katy how are you doing? Are you okay and how is your father?" Katy then replied, "Oh boy, do I feel lousy. I guess I got that bug going around. I was just asleep. I had taken some of that night stuff and man I just want to sleep. Oh... Dad, he went to stay with Aunt Margaret. She came up here a few days ago, picked him up and took him with her." Then Jack pushed himself into the house, walked right past Katy and looked in the living room. He was amazed and shocked by how the house looked like Katy had just cleaned it up. He put his hand down on the carpet, just about in the place where he spilled all the beers just a few hours ago. The carpet was dry, dry as a bone. The sheriff then looked at Jack with apprehension and said, "Jack I think we need to leave now, don't you think?" Jack looked around as though he was in a daze. The sheriff thanked Katy for her time and both he and Jack left. As they got to their vehicles Jack said, "I don't believe this... less than a few hours ago this place was crawling with these really evil looking bikers." The sheriff replied, "I think you've been working too hard Jack." Jack and the sheriff drove off with Jack scratching his head, shocked by the whole situation.

The next day Jack read the morning paper in dismay. The newspaper article stated that in the sleepy little towns along Route 6, there was a drastic increase in crime. Jack was troubled, but not surprised. A few weeks went by and Katy had come back to work seeming to be just like her good old self, as though nothing happened. More and more in the morning paper, it was evident that Route 6 had become a target for a huge crime wave. All the crimes could not be explained, as though the people committing them were almost invisible. Times are getting very rough for all the businesses along Route 6. Jack knew it had to be something to do with that man Katy was so involved with. Every time Jack talked to Katie about it, she would just say he's gone and I don't know where he is.

 It was now getting so bad in these small towns, people were beginning to feel unsafe. When the local churches began to be vandalized, some outside agencies were called in to help solve these crimes. But they were stonewalled, the lack of evidence pointed in no direction. When Jack told his story to some of the officials of these outside agencies, they would follow his lead. Every one of them would tell the same story and then look at Jack with disgust. They would say Katy's house could not be the center of all this action. Every time they would go out there, it was very well maintained and quiet. People began to talk more and more that lived in these towns. They felt an extreme evil taking over. People began to be uneasy with each other and tempers started to flare. Even at the diner Jack could sense people were not happy anymore. They seem to be swimming in this great big pool of negativity. Jack even made several trips out to Katy’s house and could see this evil bikers hanging out everywhere. After three or four more times of the sheriff going out and finding nothing, Jack began to feel as though it might just be him.

Far away from Route 6, in the dark of the night, a cell phone goes off on the nightstand of Rev. Jon Micheals. The Rev. awakes and turns on his nightstand light. He picks up the vibrating phone and reads the text. He then gets out of bed and gets himself ready for his trip. By this time, he's done this before and he knows what he will be up against. He packs all of the necessary equipment and literature then leaves the house. He calls one of the other ministers, telling him that he'll be gone for a few days as he gets in his pickup truck and drives away to the airport.

After a few hours of flying and a few hours of driving, he arrives at the diner on Route 6. As he gets out of his car, the howl of the wind could be heard and the faint sounds of hundreds of voices echo in the night. It's a sound that would draw fear to any normal person, but the Rev. has heard this sound before and knows he must be in the right place.

 He walks towards the diner and opens the door. All the patrons of the diner stop what they are doing and look at the Rev. as he walks in. They are all surprised and amazed as they feel a sense of warmth as he enters. The waitress shows him to a booth and asks, "Is there anything I can get you, maybe a cup of coffee?" The Rev. replies, "A cup of coffee sounds great... if you could, please tell Jack I'm here. I'm here about that problem he has." The waitress walked away with trepidation written all over her face. Soon Jack comes over to where the Rev. is sitting. He looked at the Rev. and asks, "Do I know you? My waitress told me that you were here for me... about a problem I have.  I don't really have a problem, do I?" The Rev. replies, "I think you do. Some friends of mine told me about your situation, and these friends of mine... well, let's just say these people know when things just aren't right." Jack became a little more relaxed but was still on edge as he said, "You know, now that you mention it, there are some really strange things happening around here that I can’t explain." The Rev. replied, "Well that's okay. I'm used to hearing about strange things, especially those strange things that happen at night." The more time Jack spent with the Rev., the more Jack was at ease. Jack opened up to the Rev. and a few hours pass by quickly as Jack told the Rev. the whole story of what was going on, what he had seen and heard. Time rolled further by and soon it was almost midnight. The Rev. said, "I think I've got all I need to know. It sounds like we're dealing with some people I have had a few run-ins with. They are the kind of people, just asking to be evicted from the premises." Jack replied, "You think there'll be trouble?" The Rev. answered, "Oh there is going to be trouble, and you can count on that."

Jack and the Rev. drove out to Katie's house in Jack's old truck. The Rev. was driving fast and very much in control while Jack loaded a shotgun. The Rev. turned to Jack, "I don't think you're going to need that. If these people are who I think they are, a gun is not going to solve the problem." Jack kept on loading his gun with fire in his eyes. He was scared, but every time he looked over at the Rev. he felt a little bit more secure. As they pull up to the house, they can see about 15 to 20 bikers hanging around the front of the house. Jack asks, "Why is it that I can see them and others can't, especially the sheriff or the special agents?" The Rev. replied, "These creatures are deceivers and they only let who they want see them for who they really are. My guess why you can see them is… well, they just wanted to tick you off. Then again, some people see only what they want to see, they just don't open their eyes."

As the truck pulled up, the bikers got off their bikes and began to walk over to the oncoming old truck. As the trucks stopped, Jack jumped out waving his shotgun trying to slow down the bikers’ motion towards him. They were not stopping and they kept getting closer to Jack. It was just going to be moments before they overtook him. Then the Rev. stepped out of the truck and walked towards these creatures. Immediately, the bikers began to sweat and become extremely nervous. They paid no attention to Jack, focusing all their attention on the Rev. and they stopped in their tracks. As the Rev. grew closer to one of the toughest and meanest looking, the leader closely looked at the Rev. He seemed to recognize the Rev., but he still wasn't sure. Then, he stopped dead in his tracks and fear came across his face. He said, "Look, we have no trouble with you. You can just go back to wherever you came from. You're not needed here. We got this all under control." Then the Rev. came directly upon the man and looked him straight in the eye and said, "Trouble is something I've grown to like when dealing with scum like you. So I would think it would be better for you to get on your little scooter and ride the hell out of here... If you don’t mind. And, I’d do it quickly before I lose control." This tough creature looked into the eyes of the Rev. and began to sweat profusely. Then steam and smoke started to come out of his nose, mouth and his ears and his skin began to boil as he looked more closely into the Rev.’s eyes. This creature could only see the Rev.’s eyes growing brighter and brighter with an intense white light. The creature then shouted, "It's him... it's him!" Suddenly the creature’s head seemed to implode in a boiling mess. Strange fluids began to run out of every opening of his head, while his eyes disappeared into his head. His body grew lifeless, falling slowly to the ground.

When his body hit the ground it became brittle, breaking into many pieces, turning into dust and blew away. The other creature bikers saw this, got on their machines and rode around to the back of the house where they disappeared with a sound of thunder not be seen again. Jack was amazed with what he just saw. He ran up to the porch where the original creature biker was standing, looking down upon the Rev. with Katy by his side. He then shouted to the Rev., "Excellent parlor trick. Looks like some real Old Testament kind of stuff, but I don't live in the Old Testament. I live in the now, and I'm certainly not afraid of you." The Rev. replied, "I don't want you to be afraid, I just want you to go, or better yet... just die." Before the Rev. could get to the front porch, Jack was in closing distance of this creature and had his shotgun ready to go. The creature biker then said, "I told you before old man, it's going to take more than that to get rid of me. The creature snarled at Jack with a loud rumbling roar. Jack pulled the trigger on his shotgun and did not see that Katy had jumped in front of the creature. Katy then shouted, "No, no please don't hurt him, I love him." As the shot rang out Katy caught the fire of the shotgun directly in her chest and stomach. She began to bleed, turning her white T-shirt red with blood.

The Rev. was now within striking distance and with each step his body transformed. His arms and legs became thicker, skin became older and his hair grew long and white. Most striking of all, his eyes began to glow with the brightest white light, a white light of another world. The creature jumped off the porch and hit the Rev. straight in the upper body, shoving him the whole way across the yard and into the front of Jack's old truck. The creature then stood back and shouted, "Where is your God now, you weak poor excuse of a hero?" The creature then turned his back on the Rev., yelling up to Jack as Katy is lying in his arms dying. The Rev. got up and said, "My God is doing just fine, but I don't think I'll have to bother him with a little piece of trash like you." The Rev. grabbed the creature and threw him straight in the air smashing into the chimney of the house. Before he could get up, the Rev. had already made it over to him and picked him up and slammed him back down to the ground. The creature became weak, but still had quite a fight left in him until the Rev. looked intensely at him. Suddenly the creature's head began to shake. Steam and sweat began to run out of his ears, nose and mouth as though his brain was beginning to boil. Then Jack shouted, "Help… help me, I think she's dying.” As the Rev. turned to look at Jack, the creature jumped to his feet and disappeared behind the back of the house in a roar of thunder. He was gone, not be seen again that night.

Jack began to cry as he held Katy. While the Rev. walked toward the house, his body and skin began to return to normal. By the time he reached the porch, he was in his mortal state: a normal man; the pastor of a small little church. He reached Jack and could see that Katy was dead. Her wounds were too intense for her body to survive. The Rev. cautiously walked into the house and pulled out his phone making a call. The Rev. spoke into the phone, saying, "It was him again. I'm sorry he got away, but I sure wounded him and I think he's going to be upset. And can you get some local help out here." The Rev. looked around the house and made his way down to the basement, looking for any clues to what these creatures were up to or where they were going. From the light shining through the basement window, he saw something way over in the corner that drew his attention. The scene was like a spike being driven through his heart. He was filled with sadness and disgust. It was Katy's dad tied up in his wheelchair. From the appearance of the body, he had been dead for several weeks. The Rev. turned, walked back up the steps to Jack and then bent down and put his arm around Jack. Jack was still reeling from the loss of his friend Katy and was holding her tightly, sobbing. The sun began to come up, the start of a new day. The Rev. then said to Jack, "I'm sorry it had to end this way. We don't live in a perfect world. It's just our mistake sometimes when we underestimate our enemies and think we can make the world perfect."

As the Rev. stood up and looked for the local authorities to arrive, he tried to comfort Jack. He knew this was one he lost and he didn’t like it.

End of Case File: Biker of Darkness