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The Rev. Jon Micheals "Believe In The Code... Or"

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The Force behind Rev. Jon Micheals...


Search for the answers....


Never stop looking for answers...


If you like to read go to the "Books" Page and read samples

of the books from the Rev. Jon Micheals...



A look inside the

"Heavy Metal Code Book"

A code written by Rev. Jon Micheals

How to use it and how to communicate between your

fellow Heavy Metal warriors...


" 7 Motivating Stories from Rev. Jon Micheals "

Motivational tales from outside the darknness

where evil trys to conquer you and how

you can defend yourself from the evil-one...


" 7 Case File Stories from Rev. Jon Micheals "

It tells the story of how the Rev. became who he is

and how he fights off the evil in the world...



Don't miss hearing this guitar Rev. Jon Micheals built called,


An all aluminum custom welded and fabricated lap-steel, which can be

heard at the beginning of the song, "Hell Blues..."





Rev. Jon Micheals


" Who is Rev. Jon Micheals"



" Rev. Jon Talking to God"

A scene from the book, "Case Files of Rev. Jon Micheals. "



"Anybody Out There?"




"Where? When? Why?"




"Hard Road"




"Hell Blues"








The Video Biography of

Rev. Jon Micheals

Seizure + Dragonfire + Beachrat

Mr Meaner + Outside Darkness




The Rev. Jon Micheals "SPINNING" Guitar




Rev. Jon Micheals "Guitarist In A Can"




Rev. Jon Micheals with "Mr. Meaner"








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